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    Meyer Consulting supports organizations in transition by providing insightful and effective leadership, facilitation, and coordination

    The non-profit and public sector are under tremendous stress – Is your organization running on empty or faced with daunting change? Effective planning can refocus the organization and help it prepare for the future.

    Losing an Executive Director can take a toll on an organization – but it doesn’t need to. An Interim Executive Director can provide stable, effective management allowing the board to focus on the search, and the staff to focus on their programs.

    Large partnerships are the key to solving large problems – but they often stall for lack of leadership or follow through. Facilitative project management can maximize the time and energy of those involved to get the job done.

    Does your organization have a one-time project or start-up idea that needs some attention? Using an outside project manager can take the load off of already overbooked staff and bring the project to fruition.

    Meyer Consulting
    Roger Meyer
    Senior Consultant
    tel: 651-338-5318

    Melissa Martinez-Sones
    Lead Consultant
    tel: 651-808-3409

    Meyer Consulting brings…

    • Over seventeen years of leadership, development and management experience in non-profit, mental health and community based organizations
    • Executive leadership experience in large and small organizations
    • Experience in facilitating complex processes that respect differences and accomplish goals
    • Strong relationships in the non-profit, mental health, foundation, neighborhood and government sectors
    • Flexible fee structure

    “Change is inevitable, progress is not.”