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  • Mental Health System Transformation

    Meyer Consulting drives system change for the public and private  mental and chemical health systems. Through our core services of strategic planning, group facilitation, leadership and project management, Meyer Consulting guides partnerships, government entities, health plans, providers and the community at large to solve the pressing challenges that face the mental and chemical health systems today. Meyer Consulting serves as a catalyst for partnerships to develop a unified vision and achieve agreed-upon goals.  Well established relationships within the mental and chemical health community are what make Meyer Consulting so effective.


    Capacity Building

    -Adding bench-strength to your organization or partnership to implement key mental or chemical health initiatives that improve the outcomes for providers, patients, and other stakeholders

    Community Engagement

    -Creating a space for thought-leaders to dialogue and champion new ideas to change public discourse about mental and chemical health issues

    Relationship Management

    -Leveraging goodwill to create partnerships that develop a shared vision of what the future of the mental health and chemical health systems might look like

    Action Plans

    –Facilitating the development of strategic plans that have measurable outcomes to enhance real-world impact -thus making the lives of those touched by these illnesses significantly better

    Mental Health System Transformation FAQ