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  • Strategic Planning & Facilitation

    Meyer Consulting offers experienced facilitation, creating an inclusive process to deliver the strategic plan, evaluation tool, organizational restructuring or outcome your organization needs. By tapping into the wisdom of those most involved, Meyer Consulting brings together the areas where ideas and energy intersect. Meyer Consulting offers conflict resolution, mediation, and facilitation that can rejuvenate organizations and get them back on track. Meaningfully addressing board functionality, staff/board relationships, and external change allows organizations to rejuvenate and energize board, staff, programs and services.


    Organizational development
    – Creating a shared understanding of organizational goals and objectives

    Strategic and business planning
    – Providing tangible goals and timelines to organizations to effectively allocate resources to accomplish work

    Change management
    – Mapping the landscape to proactively address change

    Addressing board/committee/staff/community relationships
    – Using a mediation style of facilitation to meaningfully address organizational relationships

    Mission creep
    – Creating a process for board and staff to focus on their mission and produce results

    One time meeting facilitation
    – Making sure that a very important meeting goes well, ends on time, and maps out next steps

    Strategic Planning FAQ