Interim Leadership & Transition Support
Supporting Organizations in Transition

At Meyer Consulting, we tap into the knowledge of your board, staff and volunteers to quickly learn the work of the organization, its strengths, weaknesses, processes and networks, allowing staff to focus on their existing duties so programing and leadership doesn’t suffer.

Losing a leader can create instability, overwhelm staff and board members, and stall key initiatives, but it doesn’t have to! Meyer Consulting is Minnesota’s leading non-profit interim leadership provider with more than 30 years of experience providing interim executive leadership, management, fundraising, planning, and Board development to organizations in transition.

We can help send a signal of strength and continuity to your funders, community, volunteers, staff and other stakeholders. Our interim leadership and support allows your organization the space and stability necessary to meaningfully address issues so that the next Executive Director inherits a stable organization.

We listen! We’re excellent listeners and have developed interview strategies that ask the questions to get to the root of core issues in each organization. Our extensive experience in the Twin Cities nonprofit community gives us a deep understanding of organizations, funders, and trends.

Get to know staff, board, and key stakeholders. We’re also excellent relationship builders and work to quickly understand the various personalities and perspectives at play in the organization. We are short-term stewards of the organization and quickly ascertain what the organization needs from us to be successful during the transition.

Manage and Lead the Organization. We provide focused management and leadership of the organization with an eye towards our last day at the office. We come “pre-fired”, so we strive to manage and lead in a way that builds on the energy and ideas of those that will outlive us at the organization. We’ll use the organization’s existing systems if they’re working, or we’ll create new systems if they aren’t. We are quick to point out inefficiencies or poor systems and see if there is an interest to improve them.

Surface issues and resolve them or prepare them for resolution by your next leader – We’ve seen it all — we’re unflappable! From smooth transitions to interviews with the FBI (really), we help provide a steady hand at the wheel during sometimes challenging transitions. It might be new to you, but we’ve got more than thirty years of experience that help us quickly stabilize organizations and get you on the right track.

Our goal is to maintain and improve the organization. When we see issues of concern, we’ll bring them to the organization’s attention and together determine if the best course of action is to resolve them during the interim, or hold them until the new executive can provide more permanent leadership.

Board Member Support – We provide the Board with a sense of security that there is experienced leadership managing the organization. From developing agendas and board materials to minutes, we offer as much support as necessary for the Board and Board committees to be successful.

Maintain Fundraising Activity We have experience stepping in to support existing fundraising and reporting activities and work with Board and staff as necessary to ensure continuation of fundraising strategies and activities.

Capacity – A skilled interim leader can add capacity to the organization by fulfilling the Executive Director duties and minimize internal power struggles by providing unbiased and thoughtful management.

Prepare for the next Executive Director. Whether we’re supporting an external search firm or providing you with our Executive Search services, we help prepare you for a new leader. We prepare a transition document to present to the new executive upon their start date that highlights the work completed during the transition, the initiatives that need to be maintained, and the issues that need to be resolved in the future. We stay on for a brief overlap to bring them up to speed, make introductions and answer any questions.

We’ve seen it all – let Meyer Consulting help your organization through all kinds of transitions:

Succession planning – Plan now to make your next Executive Director transition a smooth one.

Unplanned or sudden loss of an Executive Director – We can be brought in on short notice to provide stability during an unplanned or tumultuous transition.

Executive Director on leave – Providing top level management and administration until your existing director is back at the helm.

Executive Director search– Providing support for the Executive Director Search Committee to increase the chances of a successful hire.

“Roger was very responsive and proactive, understood the issues involved in the unwinding our organization and worked through them methodically and professionally. He was highly confidential and sensitive to the issues at hand. He was a great partner!”


Board Member, St. Paul Public Schools Foundation