Project & Partnership Management
Moving your project or partnership from ideas to action

Meyer Consulting can handle just about any project. We support individual leaders or large partnerships to identify the desired goal, build the plan, then work the plan to deliver the results you’re expecting.

Using an outside project manager can take the load off of already overbooked staff and bring the project to fruition. Meyer Consulting provides excellent and insightful support to successfully implement your project.

Working with you to manage projects, we can create more effective meetings, and coordinate the projects and partnerships that you just don’t have time for and stay on top of tasks to help the project move forward, including:

  • Work plan development
  • Research and fact gathering
  • Reminders and follow-up to support stakeholders in accomplishing goals
  • Agenda development to make sure key issues are kept on the table
  • Resource management – including managing funds, other consultants, staff, and volunteers
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Link to other stakeholders
  • Contact point for the partnership

This coordination and management relieves staff and partnership members of the day-to-day project tasks and allows them to utilize their time to reflect on the broader vision and implement their decisions in their home system.