Strategic Planning & Facilitation
Creating a shared agenda and plan for action

There are several different approaches to planning, and the lingo can get problematic – Goals, Outcomes, Strategies, Tactics, Activities, Measures, Metrics, blah, blah, blah…We focus on giving you a clear road map to your destination. We make sure that whoever reads your plan – Board members, staff, funders, partners or stakeholders – they know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

We’ll demystify the planning process, bring everyone together and get agreement and excitement about where you’re heading. At Meyer Consulting, we help draw out your most important thoughts and goals with experienced facilitation, an inclusive process and simple approach to deliver a plan that clearly articulates your vision and goals.

We know that you are the experts about your mission. We let you be the expert and focus on our skills of listening and drawing out of you what needs to be done. We also happen to be experts at organizing next steps and creating realistic plans to help you successfully implement your plans and evaluate what works and what may need restructuring.

  • Organizational development– Creating a shared understanding of organizational goals and objectives – in plain language
  • Strategic and business planning– Providing tangible goals and timelines to effectively allocate resources to accomplish work
  • Mission creep – Creating a process for board and staff to agree to drop things that aren’t working and focus on their mission to produce results
  • One time meeting facilitation – Making sure that a very important meeting goes well, ends on time, and maps out next steps

Why is facilitation so important? The beauty of a neutral facilitator is that it allows you to let all members of the group participate equally — no one has to be responsible for chairing the meeting, or feel slighted because they are continually doing all of the administrative work of the partnership. Stakeholders can slip into spending more time talking about why something didn’t get done than figuring out solutions to the problems at hand. A facilitator can support the partnership, infuse energy and keep you focused on your goals. We’ll work with you up front to get a clear understanding of your goals accomplish and listen to your needs, not impose a standard agenda or set of ideas on the organization.

Mediation style facilitatingWe don’t typically use industry lingo, but this one is important, and we’re really good at it! So what is it? The mediation style of facilitation allows for guided conversation by all parties that ends in resolution. The facilitation allows for the exchange of ideas in a respectful way within guidelines set by the organization and managed by the facilitator. Once agreement is reached, all parties agree to actionable next steps, so that the idea doesn’t die in the facilitator’s report, instead it comes to life through the actions of those most interested in seeing it succeed. Turns out, this style is incredibly important with most of the organizations we’ve worked with and the issues they’re grappling with.

“Meyer Consulting  facilitated a potentially difficult meeting for the University of St. Thomas with professionalism, finesse and a keen eye for what all stakeholders wanted to accomplish. He framed the meeting well, both in our planning sessions and at the event itself, so we could move past anger and toward solutions. I’d definitely hire them again.”

Amy Gage
Neighborhood Liaison, University of St. Thomas